#IntegrityFirst, Inc. is a  501(c)3 charitable corporation, based out of Jamestown, New York. The mission of #IntegrityFirst, Inc. is to help individuals develop their potential and achieve success academically, athletically, financially, socially, and professionally by fostering integrity, motivation, responsibility, hope, perseverance, confidence, and sportsmanship. Additionally, we exist to help break the cycle of crime, substance abuse, and poverty by promoting positive lifestyle changes for all participants through multi-disciplinary programs and partnerships.

In furtherance of our purpose and mission, #IntegrityFirst, Inc. operates a professional men’s basketball team, the Jamestown Jackals, playing in The Basketball League. The Jackals will begin their 7th season in March 2022. Besides representing the community on the court, the team has taken part in numerous community outreach opportunities throughout the area. We are truly passionate about the great opportunities we can bring to Jamestown and the surrounding communities and strive each day to make a positive impact in the lives of those we encounter.

Members of the team are given a chance to enhance their skills and compete in a competitive professional basketball league in exchange for their service to the community. Each member of the team participates in various community-based programs such as: mentoring, book readings, motivational speeches, basketball camps, and community events. Basketball is merely the vehicle through which we touch hearts, empower individuals, and create a community of pride and support for the greater good.

In order to provide for the team and continue our positive outreach to the community, we are seeking sponsorships and donations from local organizations. With your support, we will continue to positively impact the lives of even more individuals, from youth and adults in the community to players across the world. After six seasons of hard work, trials, tribulations, and triumphs, we are on the path to truly thriving.

We would love to share more ideas and discuss collaboration opportunities that would not only benefit both of our organizations, but the Jamestown community as a whole. Please feel free to email or call the contact information below, so that we may further discuss this in the near future. Thank you in advance for considering a possible collaboration with #IntegrityFirst, Inc. and the Jamestown Jackals.

“Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.”

4436 W. Fairmount Ave. Lakewood, NY 14750