The corporation has been formed as a charitable not-for-profit corporation under the New York State Not-For-Profit Corporations Law as set forth in the Certificate of Incorporation filed with the New York State Department of State on August 3, 2015.


The corporation’s purpose is to provide educational and character building programs and opportunities for children and adults by teaching them about basketball, how to play the game in a competitive, fun, and educational environment, and also teaching the financial and business management skills associated with operating a basketball team.


The mission of #IntegrityFirst Inc. is to help individuals develop their potential and achieve success academically, athletically, financially, socially, and professionally by fostering integrity, motivation, responsibility, hope, perseverance, confidence, and sportsmanship.


We exist to help break the cycle of crime, substance abuse, and poverty by promoting positive lifestyle changes for all participants through multi-disciplinary programs and partnerships.