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CORPORATE ALLEY-OOP ($200, $500, $1,000)
By combining elements of teamwork, pinpoint passing, timing and finishing, the Jamestown
Jackals will bring hope to our community, through the game of basketball. Our program seeks
to replicate the Alley-Oop experience as your sponsorship provides home game tickets to a
youth organization/group. With precise timing, #IntegrityFirst will pass a youth organization
free admission tickets–to be distributed in advance of the home game–where your
corporation will receive Alley-Oop Recognition. It’s a slam dunk.

JACKALS SPECIAL COMPANY DAY $500 for game (100 tickets @ $5.00)
Enjoy a special company night out at one of our Jamestown Jackals Professional Basketball
games. Do not miss this family-friendly, affordable entertainment opportunity! Package
includes: 100 Tickets, Promotional Photo with the Jamestown Jackals, Halftime Company
Recognition, and Promotional Table in Lobby or on Track. (Adjust Ticket amount and
Sponsorship Cost to meet the needs of your corporation.)

JACKALS T-SHIRT TOSS $1,000 for the season ($62.50 per game)
Sponsor the Jamestown Jackals T-shirt Toss for the 2019 Season. Your
company logo will appear on the back of the Fan T-Shirts which will be
distributed during each home game. “Who wants a Free T-Shirt sponsored
by [insert your company name]?” Join us as the crowd goes wild!

Autograph Table $2,000 for the season ($125.00 per game)
Sponsor our Autograph Table, that will be
courtside after every home game, receive
game day recognition over the PA, as well as
your logo on the Jamestown Jackals Step and
Repeat Backdrop Banner, which will be the
background for official Jackals photos.

JACKALS 2.5″ x 3.5″ TRADING CARDS $300 (12 players x 200 cards of each player)
At 12 home games the first 100 kids to enter will receive a free trading card of the “Jackal of
the Game”. The remaining cards will be sold throughout the season.

JACKALS TEAM POSTER $200 for 200 posters

Sponsor the Jamestown Jackals team poster which can be
autographed by the Jamestown Jackals after home games. Your
logo will be featured next to the Jackals team photo.

Our game program for the 2018-2019 will be a very intricate part of our Game Day Experience.
For our fans, this will be available at each of our home games. Not only will this program give
all of the information about the Season, but also will contain ads for some of our partners,
such as yourself, who help to make our season possible!

FULL PAGE AD ($150) 1⁄2 PAGE AD ($100) 1⁄4 PAGE AD ($75) 1⁄8 PAGE AD ($50)


Please contact Anna Towne with any sponsorship questions: [email protected]