Jamestown, NY, Kayla Crosby, founder and owner of the Jamestown Jackals a semi-pro men’s basketball team, announced today that the Jamestown Jackals, owned by #IntegrityFirst, Inc., has committed to transition to a professional team by joining The Basketball League (TBL).

The Jamestown Jackals organization entering its 4th season has thrived by spending countless hours in the community serving the youth and schools through camps, clinics, mentoring, and appearances…

They are coming off their best season on the court where they won the North East division of the North American Basketball League (NABL) and made it to the championship game in Dallas, TX of the semi-pro league.

“I believe we have accomplished much if not all that we set out to do of impacting young lives through sport and providing opportunities for young men to continue their passion of playing basketball.  We use as a motto ‘stop surviving, start thriving’ and part of our commitment to our players is to help them dream a bigger dream and then fulfill it. By joining the TBL we are confident that we will bring a high level of basketball to our community, increase the chances of our players to secure even greater opportunities around the world, provide a bigger footprint for our #IntegrityFirst message to be heard and ultimately impact more lives.” Kayla Crosby, #IntegrityFirst, Inc. President, and Jamestown Jackals, Owner.

The Basketball League is professional in that all players on all teams are paid a fair wage, all teams play the same number of games, and  minimum standards are maintained; for ownership finances, venue size, live-streaming, stats, social media & community service.

The TBL is founded by the First Female African American CEO to own a male professional sports league, Evelyn Magley, and prides itself on their commitment to community.

“It is our passion to build something that can become the fabric of each local community and in doing so leverage whatever celebrity we are able to create to impact a maximum number of young people’s lives.  I have been watching Kayla and her organization from afar for quite some time and believe that their collective passion for helping people while committing to do all things with the highest level of integrity is EXACTLY what all owners should possess.  She has built a community based and supported organization that we are thrilled to welcome to the TBL family of teams.” David Magley President The Basketball League

The 32 game season begins in early January, runs until early May with 16 home games for all teams.